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I am an AI Enthusiast, Prompt Engineer, and Personal and Corporate Consultant with a rich background spanning 3 decades. I excel in empowering individuals and organizations through effective knowledge management systems, seamless process reengineering, and transformative change management initiatives

Kannan (Coach Kay) Sundararajan
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Years of experience in Engineering, IT, Leadership, Project Management & Coaching experience
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Professionals enabled on Generative AI-since Oct '23
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How I Can Help?

Discover your potential with personalized solutions. I'm here to drive your success from AI strategy to knowledge management and change leadership.

Delve into a world of transformative possibilities. I specialize in crafting generative AI usage strategies, optimizing knowledge management systems, and implementing organizational change initiatives. I’m here to guide you through the complexities, ensuring your personal and corporate aspirations become thriving realities. Together, we’ll conquer challenges and embrace opportunities.

Generative AI usage strategy & Consulting

Could you elevate your personal and team automation initiatives with personalized strategies? I'll help you navigate the fast-growing AI landscape and make data-driven decisions.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Streamline knowledge within your organization. Let me design efficient knowledge management systems to boost productivity and enhance your operations.

Unleash the power of Generative AI & its capabilities

Join an engaging workshop for individuals, students, and professionals to improve the collective understanding of the power of Generative AI and tools like ChatGPT

Prompt Engineering

Learn the nuances behind prompting and get the best from ChatGPT, custom custom-designed to strengthen your area of research and expertise.

Identify wastes in your Business or day to day activities

Any transformative journey starts by having a strong understanding of the work you do and weaning away the waste.

Reduce your
research time

Reduce your research study time, become smart at literature review, or build simple tools to improve documentation and reporting

Improve Personal Productivity

Improve productivity and get more work done - including students, corporate executives, or tech and non-tech teams.

I produce quantifiable results

Transforming Visions into Realities with Tangible Outcomes

My engagement with you begins with a thorough understanding of your business landscape and is steered towards clearly defined, measurable outcomes. Your success is charted through tangible milestones, ensuring continuous growth and meaningful transformation for you and your organization.

My Credentials

What My Clients Say


Delivery was effective and interactive

My entire team of 45 senior management team including HR, finance, marketing, IT, and customer service team had immensely benefited from the interactive workshop.

Yasmin Imthias, President, Information Evolution

Interactive sessions - exciting

The session was fun-filled and interactive.  I had several opportunities to brainstorm and contribute to developing simple solutions using meaningful prompts to interact with ChatGPT.


I was using GPT as an alternative to Google Search

In a short span of time, I have now understood the magnitude and the power of ChatGPT.  This is certainly going to improve my productivity.


I have learned a lot of best practices to improve my work area and business process

Thank you for sharing the bext practices, it was mind blowing.


It was incredible to see how quickly I can software generate codes now

From the IT team, I can confidently say my team can support the Fintech/Martech teams in developing quick solutions using Python/VB and all is developed through ChatGPT.

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