What My Clients Say


Constructing Custom prompts for ChatGPT

I was so fascinated by the simplicity of constructing the prompts and the logic behind them, it was well demonstrated.

There was so much to learn

Not just the ChatGPT, I learned new Project Management terms and how to approach my departement processes in a methodical way

I got more than what I wanted, going to invest in continuous learning

The introduction to AI session turned out to be a more valuable training session for me.  Now I was so motivated to invest in continuous learning.


I have better clarity now!

The workshop helped me understand the capabilities and application of AI for personal productivity.  The way Coach Kay took us through the sessions was logical and great.  I now have a good understanding of the power of AI and also what not to do in the ChatGPT prompt.

An eye opener!

Simply amazed by the capabilities of ChatGPT and the power of high quality prompting.

The brainstorming sessions were helpful

Our team learned a lot from the brainstorming session.  It was great to see the second day was spent on connecting the dots to identify the process improvement and automation areas.  A very well-timed training.

I feel recharged!

A lot of new and useful tips – of course many surprises too.  Thank you Kay for the valuable time.  

Simply amazed by the speed!

The solution to read images and document the output through code was super quick.  The power of ChatGPT was demonstrated quickly.

Using ChatGPT for grading the paper was super quick

As HR profession, we spend a lot of time in grading test results and I was so amazed to discover the power of simple prompts to get the job done super quickly.,